MACH Architecture for eCommerce

Rethinking eCommerce with MACH Architecture

With rapidly evolving customer behavior and the increase of choices in the marketplace, companies need to keep pace more and more. The variety of channels and touchpoints with products and services has increased dynamically for customers. As a result, more interaction points are emerging that companies need to leverage and develop in order to provide customers with meaningful, personalized, and engaging content and experiences. Only then, customers feel valued and trust in the corporate brand increases. Ultimately, your customers’ loyalty increases and so does your ROI.

Another issue, is the increasing threat of cyber-attacks on companies’ systems, so that fail-safe software solutions are becoming more essential. That’s where MACH architecture plays an essential role in eCommerce.

  • MACH is an acronym for Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless….
  • Therefore MACH stands for a software architecture model
  • Applications/microservices from different software vendors can be “composed” into one overall system
  • New & improved developments as well as advanced technologies can be used and exchanged individually
  • Companies can pursue their own priorities on their digital roadmap
  • Shorter time to market (go-to-market) in a fast-paced environment
  • Holistic, digital experiences even for more complex B2B and B2C scenarios
  • Security, agility and flexibility for more growth opportunities

What is MACH Architecture?

Microservices for E-Commerce


Microservices are already very present in the CX environment and represent the future of commerce development. They are based on a scalable, versatile and modular approach and can be seen as individual software components that fulfill specific business functions. Independently developed and can be combined freely.

API-first for E-Commerce


API-first means that all microservices interact with each other via interfaces. Therefore, APIs form a basic framework connecting microservices. An API-first approach creates a scalable and reliable basis for a customer-centric commerce ecosystem enabling great CX. The flexibility for extensions is one advantage.

cloud-native eCommerce

Cloud native SaaS

With a MACH architecture, the commerce platform, including tools and services, is implemented directly in the cloud – so no local systems are required. Cloud-hosted solutions allow cost savings compared to in-house hosting and support. In addition, continuous delivery is possible, i.e. more efficient and faster software provisioning.

headless e-commerce


Headless describes the possibility of decoupling front-end (“heads”) from back-ends and developing them independently from each other. This means that different front-ends can also access back-end services enabling a scalable and customizable experience in order to “compose” the best solution for customers.

Why codeitlabs?

We want to promote and implement flexible, cloud-based IT architectures, MACH architectures are essential for us.

We work together with different MACH solution providers e.g. for e-commerce, search engine, content management and product information solutions. We are happy to develop a suitable solution architecture for your requirements. You can find our references here.

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Our MACH Partners

algolia for e-commerce search
amplience for e-commerce cms
commercetools for e-commerce
Coveo for e-commerce search
emporix for B2B e-commerce
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