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commercetools: The MACH solution for a modern e-commerce system

E-commerce is an established sales channel in almost all industries. Resulting in high market penetration and competitive pressure. Companies need to remain competitive within their industry. It is no longer enough to provide a high-performance, omnichannel-capable e-commerce system. Enterprises need a flexible and adaptable technical basis. This enables to implement innovations quickly and in a targeted manner. commercetools is an established e-commerce solution and provides a future-proof technical basis. The goal: scaling your e-commerce business.

What technical basis is commercetools based on?

commercetools was built based on the MACH architecture principles: Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless. It is the most mature MACH based solution in the market.

Microservices for E-Commerce


API-first for E-Commerce


cloud-native e-commerce

Cloud native SaaS

headless e-commerce


How does commercetools implement the MACH principles?

  1. Microservices: commercetools uses a microservices architecture where commerce functions and services are separated into standalone, independent microservices. Each microservice is specialized for a specific task, such as product data management, shopping cart management or order processing. These microservices can be developed, deployed and scaled independently, enabling the flexibility and scalability of the platform.

  2. API-first: commercetools has a strong focus on APIs, especially RESTful APIs. These APIs enable seamless integration and data exchange between the commerce platform and other systems, be it a front-end, mobile apps, third-party applications or other backend services. The API-first philosophy makes it easier to develop custom front ends and connect third-party services.

  3. Cloud-native: commercetools is designed to be cloud-native from the ground up. This means that the platform is developed and operated in the cloud and benefits from the advantages, such as scalability, flexibility and automation. Customers can host the platform on various cloud infrastructures such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

  4. Headless: commercetools headless architecture separates the backend commerce logic from the frontend presentation layer. This means customers have the freedom to choose different front-end technologies and platforms while leveraging commercetools’ powerful commerce features. This flexibility allows companies to create customized user interfaces that meet their specific needs.

MACH architecture commercetools

Advantages of commercetools in comparison with other e-commerce systems

In addition to the advantages that all MACH based solutions bring, commercetools offers more than other e-commerce systems, including:

  • Established solution: commercetools was founded 2006 and now has a broad customer base and an associated ecosystem with experienced developers. Regarding the still modern architecture, this creates an exciting setup with an established solution on the one hand, but a modern and flexible architecture on the other.
  • Shorter time to market (go-to-market): commercetools can be quickly implemented into existing systems due to its microservices and available integrations, which is essential in a fast-moving environment.
  • Flexibility: commercetools offers the possibility of “composing” commerce functions in a wide variety of scenarios, e.g. to provide ordering processes for services or switchable functions in vehicle navigation systems.
  • Rollout capability: commercetools offers companies advantages when scaling and expanding into international markets through multilingual and multicurrency functions.
  • Cloud Native Security: By leveraging cloud infrastructure and services, businesses can benefit from the security features and benefits of cloud solutions such as Google GCP.


commercetools is a modern e-commerce platform that helps companies of all sizes to make their e-commerce future-proof. Above all, it stands out for its adaptability and allows you to concentrate on developing your innovation.

As commeretools partner and thanks to our certified and experienced employees, we are able to evaluate your requirements and implement projects efficiently. Whether you are interested in commercetools or other e-commerce solutions, we would be happy to have a non-binding discussion!

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