Solutions – services on the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio

As a development partner and consulting company, we offer our services on the SAP Customer Experience (CX) portfolio:

SAP Customer Experience Solution - SAP Commerce Cloud

Put human in the center – regardless of B2B, B2B2C or D2C – because they either decide for themselves personally or on behalf of the company. Current needs and ever-increasing expectations should be taken into account, fulfilled and, in the best case, exceeded through consistent, personalized shopping experiences. SAP Commerce Cloud is an agile, simple and scalable platform with innovative features for all customers, which saves costs and time in purchasing and sales. Modern and efficient product content management, omni-channel strategies and direct integration into the customer’s own SAP system landscape, such as S/4HANA or SAP ERP, are exemplary, convincing advantages in a market in which products and services are increasingly substitutable.

What does the SAP Commerce Cloud offer?

  • Central platform for core e-commerce functions such as product search, shopping cart, payment system integration, guided selling & check-out, and rules-based advertising for an optimal customer experience
  • SAP Customer Experience Product Content Management for managing catalogs and product information (variants and configurations)
  • Relevant and personalized customer targeting
  • Website management through the Web Content Management System
  • Lightweight modules for order management and customer support
  • Order management with many advanced features such as reordering, procurement, allocation and omnichannel fulfillment
  • B2B features such as self-service account management, omnibus ordering, reordering, quoting, and approval workflow
  • Live support / assisted service for customers in the portal
  • Scalable and future-proof cloud system infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art reference front-end templates for D2C, B2B
  • Easy integration via SAP Integration Suite with other products of the SAP Customer Experience solution portfolio: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Customer Data Platform) as well as SAP S/4HANA, ERP

What added value do you get out of this SAP Customer Experience solution?

  • All-in-one solution for store and portal with fully integrated front end
  • Market readiness: the SAP Commerce Cloud has moved $500 billion GMV (total value of goods sold online) in 2020, more than any other platform (go to article)
  • Nothing integrates SAP’s rich applications and databases better than SAP’s own integration technology” – standardized interfaces to SAP base systems or other enterprise systems (e.g., Microsoft Navision)
  • High performance through automated and integrated digital business processes
  • Customizable functions for personalization, order and content management, and online configuration
  • Responsive and customizable design on all devices
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SAP Customer Experience Solution - SAP Marketing Cloud

For a 360-degree view of the customer and a consistently positive customer experience, consolidation of all marketing activities and systems is a prerequisite. Experience and operational data are merged to provide a unified, comprehensive view of the customer so that a single, clean set of data can be accessed. SAP Marketing Cloud supports the entire customer journey (CRM): from information gathering to customer events and interactions in various source systems to the execution of omnichannel marketing campaigns. With context-specific and customer-individual marketing, you address customers directly with the information that is relevant to them. Personalized and relevant actions and reactions promote and optimize brand loyalty and ultimately the bond with your company.

Gain deeper insights into your customers’ motives, needs, and future behaviours – in real time. Use these insights to engage your customers across all channels with customized and relevant content in order to even exceed their expectations.

What does the SAP Marketing Cloud offer?

  • Data analytics for improved marketing insights
  • Fast and intelligent marketing engagement tool
  • Marketing analytics
  • Dynamic segmentation and customer profiling
  • Campaign success measurement and customer journey optimization
  • Commerce marketing (e.g., real-time recommendations)
  • Lead- and account-based marketing
  • Content creation and design
  • A holistic view of customers and their interactions

What added value do you get?

  • Creation of personalized customer experiences with accompanying customer trust
  • Flexible and scalable platform for holistic, automated marketing
  • Visibility into planning and performance for the entire team
  • Seamless integration with other commerce & sales solutions/systems for increased performance, security & flexibility
SAP Customer Experience Solution - SAP Customer Data Solutions

Delivering highly personalized experiences (hyper-personalization through AI, machine learning, and IoT-enabled devices) while complying with all privacy regulations is often not easy. SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers the opportunity to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty through real-time availability of customer insights and create transparent, secure experiences across all channels through purely purpose-driven use of data. In addition, all customer interactions are aggregated, extracted, and transmitted to the connected marketing system SAP Marketing Cloud (more about the Marketing Cloud and Emarsys) in order to inform marketers of customer-relevant actions.

Trusting relationships with end customers have always been essential for companies, because trust also strengthens the brand and is therefore a very important added value for the image and associated business of the company!

Data integration

All data protection-relevant topics are handled centrally by the SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC). Preferences, consents, accesses and authorizations are managed and synchronized for all customers, the entire SAP system landscape and its users. CDC thus serves as a digital customer identity and access management tool to ensure the central collection of customer data also as a clean basis for follow-up processes including CDP and associated marketing processes.

CDP continuously enriches the customer data set across multiple linked systems, creates a consistent and harmonized customer master data set, and serves as an extended service to provide various information and actively distribute it according to relevance. CDP’s centrally aggregated customer data can thus also serve as a basis for other department-specific processes, activities and solutions.

What do the SAP Customer Data Solutions offer?

  • Consent and Preference Management – Enterprise Consent and Preference Management (centralized storage of consents and preferences, automatic version control, privacy compliance support, enforcement of consent data self-service centers for customer preferences).
  • Customer Identity and Access Management – CIAM for B2C (progressive profiling, passwordless authentication, pre-configured integrations)
  • Partner Lifecycle Management – CIAM for B2B (enterprise policy-based access management, security risk mitigation)
  • SAP Customer Data Platform (holistic customer profiling through customer insights and analytics, access to real-time customer data across channels and devices, avoidance of compliance risks, purpose-driven data management, personalized interactions across touchpoints, SAP Master Data Integration Service).

What added value do you get?

  • Simple, trusted customer registration and sign-in
  • Cross-channel and cross-device customer experience and data in real time
  • Anonymous users become known, loyal customers
  • Compliance with social network policies and privacy regulations
  • Predefined integrations for applications from CRM, CMS, marketing, etc.
  • Strengthened customer loyalty through transparency and trust
  • Discover new customer potential
SAP Customer Experience Solution - SAP Sales Cloud

From leads to opportunities to long-term customer relationships – all customer activities and interactions can be mapped and managed in SAP Sales Cloud. The goal is to always put customers at the center of all processes, and this is achieved both through classic CRM functions and through real-time analyses and intelligent processes. This is the only way to ensure that the sales department or field sales force can maintain an overview of all sales processes – whether online, offline, on the road, in the home office or in the office. Necessary and relevant information can be accessed easily and quickly via a central system.

SAP Sales Cloud provides the right information at the right time, so that productivity and closing ratios can be increased and consistent, data-based decisions can be made.

What does the SAP Sales Cloud offer?

  • Easy, centralized management of contacts, leads, opportunities, and quotes through automated processes thanks to machine learning
  • Prioritization of leads and opportunities with intelligent lead scoring approaches
  • Availability of all relevant information across locations and devices
  • Intuitive and modern user design
  • Intelligent analysis & forecast functions

What added value do you get?

  • Intelligent sales management enables faster business transactions
  • Optimal customer care enables an increase in sales
  • Comprehensive relief allows you more time for your customers
  • Intuitive user guidance and interface design leads to increased user acceptance and satisfaction of your users
  • Seamless, transparent and efficient sales collaboration
SAP Customer Experience Solution - SAP Service Cloud

Top companies don’t just build their unique customer relationships through a seamless customer experience. Customer service before, during and after the sale is also critical. Service often depends on speed and reliability, especially when it comes to resolving customer concerns and general after-sales services. These in turn should be offered across different channels (omnichannel). In addition, the self-service component for customers offers everything for first-level support from the service portal to chatbot integration. Second-level support is also integrated, as well as solutions for call centers and field service. Service technicians and employees in the field, for example, can access their service tickets from anywhere (mobile ticket management). The SAP Service Cloud solution can be easily integrated into the existing SAP landscape and facilitates seamless processes.

What does the SAP Service Cloud offer?

  • Automation of routine tasks through machine learning
  • Efficient monitoring, control and management in real time
  • Customer service communication also via traditional channels (e.g. telephone)
  • High usability
  • Self-service portals
  • Comprehensive analyses and reports for relevant insights in real time
  • Connection/link to the central SAP backend system

What added value do you get?

  • Exceed customer expectations and thus strengthen customer relationships
  • Reduce processing times and costs
  • More motivated employees and concentration on relevant tasks
  • Optimized problem handling and solutions
  • Cross- and up-selling opportunities
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