Coveo Search for E-Commerce

Coveo: The MACH solution for your intelligent e-commerce search

In e-commerce, tailored experiences are the name of the game. Customers expect to find exactly what they’re looking for, right away. With intelligent search technology, Coveo search for e-commerce not only enables intelligent search results, but also accurate navigation through product catalogs, offers and relevant content across the entire website. It optimizes finding products and thus the entire shopping experience. Precision, personalization and performance make the Coveo search solution indispensable for commerce platforms, uplevelling the experience far beyond what is offered natively in those platforms. Gartner ranks Coveo as a “Leader” in the “Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines” and certifies that Coveo provides a particularly high level of relevance in search results and the best level of personalization among all providers.

Coveo search dynamically adapts to individual customer preferences and increases user satisfaction and thus conversion. AI search solutions convert approximately 50% higher than a standard search. So Coveo is not just a search solution, but a strategic investment for a competitive future in e-commerce. For more information on this, please read the first article in our series with more Facts and Figures for Search.


What advantages does Coveo offer for B2B?

Coveo is particularly well aligned for B2B e-commerce requirements and offers significant advantages here. Coveo has the ability to process and display customer-specific prices. The platform can integrate with backend systems, such as CRM and ERP solutions, to extract personalized pricing information and display it in search results in real time. In addition, Coveo enables sophisticated control of product availability and visibility. This means that companies can set specific products to be visible or hidden for different customer segments or individual customers.

What are Coveo’s foundations?

In addition to well-known search functions, Coveo has also integrated contemporary technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine learning
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Product vectors with behaviour embedding

This results in a deeper understanding of content and user context, allowing Coveo to display search results in a very precise and context-related manner. The system continually learns from user behavior and adapts dynamically to deliver personalized results. Coveo relies on powerful indexing technology to search even large amounts of data in real time. This sets Coveo apart from other search solutions and offers you the opportunity to provide your customers with a really good customer experience.

Coveo Indexes Command Center

Coveo Indexes Command Center

The Command Center Indexing Manager lets you view and modify your indexing configurations, directly from your Sitecore instance.

What strengths does Coveo offer compared to other search solutions?

Coveo search for e-commerce has several key strengths compared to other search solutions:

  • Intelligence and personalization: Coveo integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to customize search results based on individual user behavior. This creates a highly personalized user experience.
  • Contextual relevance: The search solution considers the context of a search query, analyzing relationships between data and delivering more relevant results. This leads to precise and targeted search results, product recommendations or content recommendations, such as blog posts and instructions.
  • Real-time data indexing: Through powerful indexing technology, Coveo enables a fast and efficient search for a large amount of data in real time, resulting in fast and good results.
Product recommendations Coveo search for e-commerce
Coveo search for e-commerce content recommendations

Additional advantages:

Scalability: Coveo Search is extremely scalable and can easily grow with increasing data volumes and user requirements without losing performance.
Easy integration: Coveo integrates seamlessly into existing systems and platforms, reducing implementation times and enabling seamless usage.
Analytics and insights: The solution provides comprehensive analytics tools to gain insights into user behavior and search performance, leading to data-driven optimizations.

The combination of these advantages makes Coveo Search a leading solution in intelligent search technologies for e-commerce and beyond.

Coveo Unified Interactions Dashboard

These are advantages that no other solution offers to this extent. Read our article about: Algolia vs. Coveo.

How does Coveo integrate with existing e-commerce systems:

Coveo and SAP Commerce Cloud:

Coveo is an SAP Endorsed Partner App. SAP Endorsed Apps are select solutions from the SAP partner ecosystem that are invite-only certified by SAP Premium, provide additional security, and are thoroughly tested based on benchmark results. This partnership enables a powerful overall solution with the SAP Commerce Cloud. There are also ready-made integration solutions that significantly speed up such a project. Basically, many companies use Coveo with SAP Commerce when there is a high level of complexity (many markets, languages, rules, etc.) as well as large catalogs (SKUs) and a large amount of data/data sets in various systems such as ERP, PIM or other content in other systems. So Coveo is a good choice for any company that needs integrated search with other corporate systems, with high security and control over that data.

Coveo and MACH E-Commerce:

Coveo is based on the MACH principles (Microservices, API-First, Cloud only, Headless) and is therefore by definition easy to integrate into MACH-based commerce solutions such as Commercetools, Emporix or BigCommerce. This allows you to efficiently build, scale and adapt your MACH architecture. This commerce set-up is designed for adaptable, innovation-enhancing systems and can keep up with growing and changing business.

Furthermore, Coveo provides APIs thanks to the MACH architecture which allow any existing commerce platform to replace their existing standard search (e.g. Elastic or Solr). Coveo is therefore a good “performance booster” for your existing e-commerce system.


Overall, Coveo presents itself as a groundbreaking search solution that redefines the standards for search technologies in e-commerce through its unique combination of contextual relevance, real-time data indexing and integrated artificial intelligence.

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