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Conception, implementation, operational excellence – your SAP Commerce/Hybris project is our mission.

As an experienced SAP Commerce Cloud agency, we offer you the expertise and competence to implement your e-commerce project efficiently. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge. Thanks to our experience in the project management of many SAP Commerce Cloud projects, we guarantee successful implementation and integration. In total, we ensure that your project goes live with a comprehensive scope and within budget and on time.

We value transparency, reliability and long-term partnerships. Our goal is to support you on your path to success and help you realize your full e-commerce potential.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to help you achieve your e-commerce goals, we are the right choice. In addition, you have our promise that we will advise and challenge you, future-proof your e-commerce architecture and critically rethink your requirements. Put your trust in us and together we will achieve outstanding results.

How do we rock your project?

SAP Commerce Cloud Codeitlabs Team

Competent, certified staff

Our highly qualified team of consultants and developers is ready to support you with any challenge. With extensive expertise and many years of experience in the SAP Commerce Cloud, we are perfectly equipped to meet your individual requirements. Moreover, our certified experts use their know-how to develop innovative solutions and help you achieve your e-commerce goals. From implementation to integration and support, we offer you comprehensive support. Work with us to achieve outstanding results.
SAP Commerce Cloud Skills

Deep technical competence

Our in-depth technical competence is based on years of experience and expertise. Furthermore, our founders are former Hybris consultants and have worked as consultants all over the world for many years. Today, David and Radisa still hold SAP CC/Hybris training courses for SAP at well-known customers. Thanks to numerous successful projects, we have a sound understanding of the requirements and challenges in the e-commerce sector. This extensive experience enables us to develop individual solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Summing it all up, we use our expertise to deliver innovative solutions and ensure that your project is successfully implemented.
SAP Commerce Cloud Project Management

Project management competence

Our project management methods are designed to ensure a seamless and efficient implementation of your e-commerce solution. From planning to implementation, our experienced project managers are on hand to ensure that every step of the project runs smoothly. What is more, we tend to work in an agile way, often using an MVP approach and placing great emphasis on clear communication, regular status updates and close collaboration with you to ensure your requirements and goals are always in focus. In this way, we ensure that your project is completed on time.

Our clients

Hofmanns SAP Commerce Cloud
SAP Commerce Cloud Chemfidence
SAP Commerce Cloud B/S/H/
SAP Commerce Cloud Oettinger Davidoff
SAP Commerce Cloud Manor
SAP Commerce Cloud Coop

SAP Commerce Cloud / Hybris

SAP Commerce Cloud, formerly Hybris, is a leading e-commerce platform that helps you create seamless and personalized customer experiences across multiple sales channels. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable companies to efficiently manage and optimize their online sales activities. By integrating functions such as product catalog management, order processing, customer management and marketing automation, SAP CC offers a holistic solution for e-commerce businesses.

  • Simple management of the product catalog
  • Fast updating of content
  • Powerful content for customer behavior analysis tools
  • Personalization of offers for an improved shopping experience
  • Integration with other SAP solutions possible
  • Seamless data and process integration across different business units

Benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud


Personalized customer experiences

SAP CC enables the creation of tailored shopping experiences by analyzing customer behavior and providing individualized content and offers.

Efficient management of product catalogs

Companies can easily manage their products and quickly deploy updated content across multiple sales channels.

Scalability, adaptability and flexibility

The platform offers a scalable and flexible solution that enables companies to keep pace with the growth of their e-commerce business and adapt to changing requirements.


Integrated analytics and reporting capabilities

SAP CC provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that enable companies to gain insights into customer behavior and the success of their e-commerce initiatives.


The SAP Commerce Cloud offers a wide range of powerful functions for the design and management of e-commerce websites. These include flexible product content management, which makes it easier to create and manage content. It also offers personalizable search and navigation options, as well as advanced marketing tools such as targeting and campaign management. The platform also enables seamless integration with other SAP products and third-party applications and offers comprehensive reporting and analysis functions for monitoring and optimizing performance.

The SAP Commerce Cloud distinguishes itself through its comprehensive integration with other SAP solutions, which enables a seamless connection between e-commerce and other areas of the company. Its scalable and flexible architecture makes it particularly suitable for large companies with complex requirements. It also offers a wide range of core functions, which are always at the cutting edge of technology thanks to regular updates and further developments.

The SAP Commerce Cloud offers a wide range of integrations and extensions to extend the functionality of the platform and adapt it to the specific requirements of customers. These include integrations with leading payment providers, shipping service providers and ERP systems to enable seamless processing of transactions and orders. Numerous add-ons and extensions are also available for areas such as marketing automation, personalization, product reviews and customer service. In addition, the platform’s open architecture allows developers to create custom integrations and individual extensions to meet specific requirements.

The SAP Commerce Cloud offers various functions for personalizing customer experiences. These include tools for segmenting customers based on demographic characteristics, purchasing behavior and interests. With the help of personalized recommendations, dynamic content and tailored promotions, companies can create individual content for each customer. The platform also enables the integration of data from various sources to obtain a holistic picture of the customer and enable personalized interactions. This enables improved customer loyalty and also increases conversion rates.

The SAP Commerce Cloud offers powerful tools for managing product data and catalogs, including organizing, maintaining and updating product information such as attributes, images and prices. Integration with PIM (Product Information Management) systems enables companies to efficiently manage and update complex product catalogs. The platform also supports the creation and management of product variants, as well as the definition of product relationships and recommendations. It also enables the management of stock levels, availability and price changes in real time to ensure a consistent shopping experience.

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Live-demo: B2B Kundenportal mit SAP Commerce, Sales und Service Cloud

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SAP Commerce Cloud: An example of backend integration

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Managing Director Ingo Ax

Ingo Ax – Managing Director CodeitLabs

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