Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur – Digital Transformation in Business Catering

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About Menü-Manufaktur Hofmann

Since 1960 Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH, headquartered in Boxberg-Schweigern (Baden-Württemberg), has been producing a wide variety of deepfrozen meals for modern communal catering based on fresh, high-quality regional products and traditional manufacturing methods. 


  • The solutions for business catering that were used before were isolated, non-integrated and partly depending on offline channels 
  • Despite covering the complete value-chain there was no information about the consumer: no valuation or governance for B2B channel possible 
  • Existing tenant-based solutions have made further progression and scaling very complex 


  • SAP Commerce Cloud 
  • SAP Marketing Cloud 
  • Integration SAP ERP with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Implementation / Solution

With MenueLounge.de Hofman Menü-Manufaktur provides their customers a comprehensive solution for their canteen management: 

  • Unification of B2B and B2C processes in one single B2B2C E-Commerce Platform: menuelounge.de 
  • Analysis of Experience Data collected by ways of consumer interactionmenu wishessurveysreviewsnotifications 
  • A communication model for a purposeful email communication 
  • Digitalization and simplification of business processes 
  • Product recommendations based on recommendation engine
  • Mobile First + three clicks to lunch 
  • Highly scalable frontend1.000+ orders within a few minutes 
  • Best practice agile approach: Go-Live with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) followed by continuous and short release cycles


  • The new platform menuelounge.de has increased the consumer satisfaction compared to the canteens operating the old solution. Resulting in more frequent consumption and turnover growth for Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur  
  • New insights into areas that have been locked before: customer inventory, behaviour and habits of consumers. This gives a foundation for further digital transformation in manufacturing processes and the value chain 
  • High consumer acceptance; active usage of feedback and wish functionality provides proactive support to the B2B customers in terms of choosing an appropriate assortment and meal preparation 
  • Consolidation of ordering and customer support processes 
  • Self-implemented software and integration of single solutions have been replaced by an SAP Customer Experience centric landscape which makes the foundation for a stainable further development and progression. 
  • Scalable application: all consumers of the 11.000+ customers will eventually use the online channel