Partnership with Amplience

As an e-commerce agency, we help our clients every day to develop innovative software solutions and the best possible customer experience for their end customers. We are very pleased that our already existing operational partnership with Amplience is now officially confirmed through our certification.

Background of the Partnership with Amplience

Amplience is an API-first, headless CMS (content management) solution that helps make any dynamic content available in one central location.

At codeitlabs, we want to promote flexible, cloud-based IT architectures.  MACH architectures (microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless) are essential to this. Our partnership with Amplience underpins this commitment and our position as an agency for future-proof digital customer interaction platforms. Amplience’s CMS solution offers a successful API-first approach and serves e-commerce portals to optimize content, media and assets on the product side. Here, the SAP Commerce Cloud, among others, can serve as a commerce system. In addition, marketing campaigns can be ideally managed.

We enjoy developing innovative software solutions that make our customers succeed in the future of commerce and want to make it as easy as possible for customers to implement best-of-breed solutions for their tech stack.

How did we achieve the Partnership status?

Certified Partners must prove themselves by creating dynamic, content-driven commerce experiences with Amplience. So, having proven experience implementing Amplience integrations with SAP Commerce, among others, we’re experts at helping companies realize their full potential concerning their content and commerce solutions.

Talk to us if you need help implementing a CMS solution quickly, agilely and efficiently or if you want to learn how to optimize your commerce solution with Amplience.

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