SAP Commerce Cloud as B2B-Portal

SAP Commerce Cloud as a B2B portal - backend integration using an example The SAP Commerce Cloud is often viewed as a pure e-commerce platform. However, the scope of services and potential extend well into the area of ​​a B2B portal. At most, SAP Commerce shows its strengths in the area of ​​SAP backend [...]

SAP Commerce Cloud as B2B-Portal2024-02-01T17:05:10+01:00

Direct to Consumer – D2C

Direct to Consumer (D2C)- New perspective for medium-sized companies Direct-to-consumer, or D2C for short, is no longer a hype, but a proven, sustainable sales channel. More and more companies are deciding to tackle this. Here is also the statement from Adidas boss Kasper Rorsted: “By 2025 we will be a D2C-driven company with online [...]

Direct to Consumer – D2C2024-02-01T14:10:15+01:00

Chemical B2B Shop on the Cloud

Chemical B2B Shop on the Cloud Information about the Webseminar On March 26, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., Alexandra Reichardt will tell you how chemfidence migrated its 15-year-old web shop for chemical and pharmaceutical industries to the cloud. Alexandra is responsible for e-business and processes at chemfidence, a supplier for the Höchst industrial park with [...]

Chemical B2B Shop on the Cloud2024-02-01T11:50:17+01:00

(De)composed – SAP Commerce Cloud 2211

(De)composed - SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 An impressive release presentation. Far-reaching effects for on-premise customers. The term composable commerce. In this post "(De)composed - SAP Commerce Cloud 2211" I would like to share our experiences as a service provider for the SAP Commerce Cloud: The 2211 release of the SAP Commerce Cloud The 2211 [...]

(De)composed – SAP Commerce Cloud 22112024-01-18T13:08:04+01:00

Christmas Party 2023

A very special Christmas party – an unforgettable 3-course menu Our Christmas party this year was a celebration full of joy and culinary delights. We experienced a special event with a pinch of creativity and collaboration. The event began with an informative all-hands meeting where we celebrated the successes of the past year and [...]

Christmas Party 20232023-12-08T13:12:52+01:00

Team Lunch & Oktoberfest 2023

Lunch & Oktoberfest: A slightly different team event discovering our party animals With our team, we set up a team lunch and had an evening reservation at the Oktoberfest on the 19th of September. First, we had the possibility to try themed boxes from our customer HOFMANNs. "Indische Gewürzküche", "Lust auf Mee(h)r", "Vegan Food". [...]

Team Lunch & Oktoberfest 20232023-09-26T14:34:24+02:00

E-Commerce with AI search solutions like Algolia and Coveo: Deep Dive & Interview

#4 Mastering E-Commerce Search E-Commerce with AI search solutions like Algolia and Coveo Deep Dive & Interview with MANOR Our previous deep dive, we provided in-depth insights into the SAP Commerce Cloud Solr search solution – an open source solution. Followingly, in this deep dive of our “Mastering E-Commerce Search” series you [...]

E-Commerce with AI search solutions like Algolia and Coveo: Deep Dive & Interview2024-01-12T16:20:06+01:00

SAP Commerce Cloud Solr Search: Deep Dive & Interview

#3 Mastering E-Commerce Search Deep Dive: SAP Commerce Cloud Solr Search & Interview with HOFMANNs In the previous articles of our Mastering E-Commerce Search series, we covered the evolution of e-commerce search and different search solutions and their functions, as well as how to evaluate the best-suited search solution [...]

SAP Commerce Cloud Solr Search: Deep Dive & Interview2023-10-17T16:34:06+02:00
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