Partnership with commercetools

Partnership with commercetools As an eCommerce specialist, we support our customers daily in developing  innovative software solutions that enable a great Customer Experience for end customers. In order to do so, we want to constently offer our clients state-of-the-art software solutions in the evolving commerce field. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our partnership [...]

Partnership with commercetools2023-01-23T15:04:15+01:00

Partnership with Camelot ITLab

Partnership with Camelot ITLab We are pleased to inform you about our partnership with Camelot ITLab. As an IT services company, we demonstrate our technical competence and knowledge in the field of e-commerce on a daily basis. Through our partnership with Camelot, we are now able to support our customers in all aspects of [...]

Partnership with Camelot ITLab2023-05-12T11:01:00+02:00

(De)composed – SAP Commerce Cloud 2211

(De)composed - SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 Eine beeindruckende Release Vorstellung, weitreichende Auswirkungen für On-Premise Kunden und der Begriff Composable Commerce. Ich möchte in diesem Beitrag "(De)composed - SAP Commerce Cloud 2211" mit unserem Hintergrund als Dienstleister für die SAP Commerce Cloud, unsere Erfahrungen dazu teilen: Das 2211 Release der SAP Commerce Cloud Das 2211 [...]

(De)composed – SAP Commerce Cloud 22112023-01-11T16:13:27+01:00

Live-Demo: Quickstart Paket – SAP B2B Portal

Live Demo: Quickstart Paket - SAP B2B Portal In der Live-Demo am 23. November stellen wir das Quickstart Paket - SAP B2B Portal vor, das auf der SAP Commerce Cloud basiert und mit Ihrem S/4HANA oder SAP ERP umfassend integriert werden kann. Die Live-Demo ist für Sie, wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einer integrierten [...]

Live-Demo: Quickstart Paket – SAP B2B Portal2022-11-16T09:43:02+01:00

Partnership with Amplience

Partnership with Amplience As an e-commerce agency, we help our clients every day to develop innovative software solutions and the best possible customer experience for their end customers. We are very pleased that our already existing operational partnership with Amplience is now officially confirmed through our certification. Background of the Partnership with Amplience Amplience [...]

Partnership with Amplience2023-03-14T13:04:24+01:00

GraphQL with Spartacus (Angular)?

Is it possible to use GraphQL with Spartacus (Angular)? Problem/Question:  How can we use GraphQL with Spartacus which is a library on top of AngularJS?  Is it even possible to use GraphQL with Spartacus (Angular)? Background:  The PWA-enabled (Progressive Web App) Single Page Application Spartacus is based on so-called libraries, which can be easily [...]

GraphQL with Spartacus (Angular)?2022-10-10T11:50:15+02:00


DMEXCO 2022 We were also present in Cologne at the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference and were able to takeaway a lot of learnings through great use cases and keynotes from great speakers about NFTs, Web3, Blockchain etc. Of course, the biggest question was how to move forward with these innovations & technologies. We [...]

DMEXCO 20222022-10-04T13:13:31+02:00

Moving from SAP Commerce Premise into the Cloud – Thoughts on Cost and Value

Moving to the Cloud with SAP Commerce Premise - Cost and Value SAP has announced to its customers in the Thrive program that no further innovations and features will be developed for SAP Commerce on-premise version. The latest 2205 release is supposed to be the last on-premise supported release. Even though SAP Commerce (the [...]

Moving from SAP Commerce Premise into the Cloud – Thoughts on Cost and Value2022-10-04T13:21:05+02:00

Our new offer: Quickstart Package – SAP B2B Portal

New: Our Quickstart Package - SAP B2B Portal "Fixed price, great features, fast setup". The Quickstart Package - SAP B2B Portal is a customizable and quickly deployable ordering portal integrated with the backend (SAP S/4HANA, ERP). It builds on the SAP Commerce Cloud and is extended with complementary portal functionalities and frontend according to [...]

Our new offer: Quickstart Package – SAP B2B Portal2022-06-15T13:31:03+02:00
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