Lunch & Oktoberfest: A slightly different team event discovering our party animals

With our team, we set up a team lunch and had an evening reservation at the Oktoberfest on the 19th of September.

First, we had the possibility to try themed boxes from our customer HOFMANNs. “Indische Gewürzküche”, “Lust auf Mee(h)r”, “Vegan Food”.

Almost all of us (also remote workers) gathered in our office in Munich. Once we were complete, we started to warm up the dishes. It was the first time for our team members to taste the delicious fresh-frozen food. Especially the ones working for HOFMANNs project, have seen the food on the online shop only. Finally tasting it was a great experience. One of our favourite was “Hähnchen Erdnuss-Tikka”. At this point, once again a big thank you to HOFMANNs for organising this smooth experience for us 🙂

After also having desert for a privat occasion of one of our colleagues and checking a few E-Mails, we took off to Oktoberfest. (Only 5 stations and about 15 minutes away from our office).

Once we arrived we immediately took some pictures as long as we were still fresh 😉

Then, we had some “Hendl” to eat and drinks – the rest remains between us. In a different way: what happened inside the Hacker-Zelt, stays there. 🙂