Partnership with Algolia

We make our customers successful for the future of commerce. As an e-commerce agency, we often not only need the appropriate commerce solution, but also integrations and extensions that fit the respective use case.  Therefore, we added Algolia’s search and recommendation solution to our partner network. Now, we can develop comprehensive, innovative software solutions for our customers and the best possible customer experience for their (end) customers. Furthermore, we at codeitlabs ensure a high-quality implementation of your projects. We achieve this, with the help of solutions that promote innovation, enable flexibility and are future-proof. That’s why we are very happy to announce our partnership with Algolia.

Background of the partnership with Algolia 

Algolia is one of the world’s most powerful software providers for “search” and “recommendation” or short “product discovery”.  They follow the MACH approach (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless). Their search solution is suitable for marketplace, retail and fashion companies, for example. The goal is to provide efficient, personalized and relevant search results provide for end customers . However, there are also use cases for more complex marketplace solutions, in SAAS, Media or even in B2B, among others.

Algolia is revolutionizing search by providing its unique hybrid search engine. This engine is a combination of keyword and vector-based semantic search via NeuralSearch technology in a single API. Moreover, this platform not only makes it easier for customers to find the right content, but also for employees to get the right information. Moreover, mobile as well as app search is optimized and voice and image search is enabled through AI.

At codeitlabs, we value delightful shopping experiences based on modern IT architectures, such as the MACH architecture. Through our partnership with Algolia, we can now create advanced, innovative and future-proof commerce solutions for our customers.

What does this partnership mean for our customers? 

  • They get an innovative, scalable, high-performance and future-proof IT architecture that is characterized by flexibility and maintainability.
  • Thanks to Algolia’s Search API, you will be able to increase customer loyalty through fast and relevant search results, converting many, possibly even casual visitors into loyal customers.
  • You and your employees get a complete dashboard overview to better make future decisions.
  • Your end customers receive personalized and relevant search results and recommendations.
  • We enable you to easily and agilely integrate the search solution as well as connect additional systems, for the best possible customer experience.
  • In addition, there is the possibility to “compose” different MACH systems.  For example, Amplience can be added or exchanged as a content management system.

Please contact us if you need support to realize or “compose” your commerce solution or if you want to learn how to extend and optimize your existing tech stack with Algolia. 

We will be happy to evaluate a suitable solution architecture for your business requirements.

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