About chemfidence

Chemfidence services GmbH has over forty years of experience as a competent industrial supplier for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related process industries in Germany. Among others at Industriepark Höchst, one of the largest  industry and development center in Europe.. Innovative quality standards and logistics concepts guarantee product and delivery quality that meets the highest requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. More information about chemfidence here: https://www.chemfidence-services.com/de/home.html

The newly developed chemfidence shop is a B2B marketplace on which more than 1.5 million products from the areas of solvents, raw materials, laboratory products, packaging, personal protective equipment and operating materials are sold: https://shop.chemfidence.com/

Why SAP Commerce Cloud

The previous chemfidence shop was already running on an older hybris version. However, this reached its limits in terms of the number of possible articles, search performance and maintainability.

Chemfidence decided in favor of the SAP Commerce Cloud, as the infrastructure and e-commerce platform come from a single source and the scaling of the application and updates are therefore guaranteed over the long term.

Chemfidence and Codeitlabs

What added value does chemfidence and its customers have with the new solution?

  • The business works more efficiently through simpler and faster processes
  • Significant improvement of the article search in response time and quality of the results
  • The entire ordering process can be completed in just 10 seconds
  • Multi-level product variants, determined by BMECAT of the import catalogs
  • Configurable products
  • High-performance imports and exports from large supplier catalogs
  • The commerce cloud platform is opened for an additional 3 million products without any scaling or additional work


The greatest challenge we faced together with chemfidence was the transformation of 15-year-old processes to make them “cloud-ready”. Thanks to the great collaboration between codeitlabs and chemfidence business team, the shop is running stable and all business requirements are completed as desired.

Written by Radisa Pantic