Partnership with Camelot ITLab

We are pleased to inform you about our partnership with Camelot ITLab.

As an IT services company, we demonstrate our technical competence and knowledge in the field of e-commerce on a daily basis. Through our partnership with Camelot, we are now able to support our customers in all aspects of great CX.

Background to our partnership with Camelot ITLab

The SAP CX portfolio (SAP Commerce, SAP Marketing, SAP Service, SAP Sales and SAP Data Cloud) is essential for business success and for a holistic customer experience. Above all, the standardized interfaces to SAP base systems or other enterprise systems (e.g. Microsoft Navision) offer an advantage. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to achieve high performance through automated and integrated digital business processes.

Camelot is an overall expert in all SAP CX components except SAP Commerce – this is where we fit in with our years of Hybris and Commerce expertise. Now, we serve the complete SAP CX portfolio together with Camelot.

From the very beginning, we at codeitlabs have strived to not only advise our customers on commerce and implement suitable solutions, but also to empower companies with a holistic, sustainable CX strategy. Moreover, we can evaluate and support the most suitable cloud-based IT architecture for each individual company. In this way, our partnership with Camelot and the good relations we share with SAP form the basis for implementing future-proof platforms for improved customer interaction at all touchpoints – whether in B2C, B2B or D2C.

Through our partnership, we can arm companies more purposefully with innovative software solutions for the next generations.

How do we approach this partnership?

Summing it all up, the services and deliverables from our two teams complement each other and represent the complete SAP CX portfolio. Our “labs” will support each other even more in the future.

Working together, we will create dynamic, context-based commerce experiences and act as one partner in consulting, at trade shows and events. Together, we will be SAP CX full-service providers, helping companies realize their CX potential.

What does this mean in detail:

  • A dedicated partnership with Camelot through joint campaigns and webinars, among others -> first webinar and showcase of a B2B-portal based on SAP CX
  • Joint presence for customers for holistic SAP CX solutions
  • Technical competence and consulting expertise for optimal project support
  • Creation of personalized customer experiences with accompanying customer trust
  • A holistic view of customers and their interactions

Talk to us if you need support in the area of SAP CX and want to realize projects quickly, agilely and efficiently.

Here you can find our SAP Commerce Cloud Quickstart Package.

Here you can find Camelot’s Quickstart Package for SAP Sales Cloud.