B2B und Account-based Marketing

In this article, we address the B2B marketing process for companies with a SAP Marketing Cloud. First, let’s see what the SAP Marketing Cloud offers. Next, we can take a quick look at the Account-based Marketing topic.

Independently of using marketing tools, B2B marketing is quite different from B2C marketing. In the simplest term, B2B marketing has a different customer audience which is smaller and micro-targeted. Moreover, these audiences’ buying motivation is more rational and thoughtful. Therefore, a longer sales cycle and buying process occurs. The customer type doesn’t only effect sales, but also influences content in campaigns. B2B customers look for expertise and lengthy know-how quality in content.

From potential customer to real buyer

What is more, B2B marketing focuses on the lead generation and nurturing process. Reaching out to potential clients, creating leads, categorizing and nurturing them are tasks which are already possible with SAP Marketing Cloud. Most importantly, the lead management can be processed by marketing and sales together. Besides, the SAP Sales Cloud can have an important role for this purpose. In total, the main goal here: making the conversion from potential customers to real buyers. 

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B2B Account-based Marketing

Companies can isolate specific customers in order to reach out to them with special strategies. This is called account-based marketing. One of the most important points for B2B marketing is providing the right content to the right customer. Sometimes it can be meaningless to reach out to customers with general campaign content. If you can’t give your customers what they are looking for, your company may be of no interest to them. Therefore, we can say that the main reason for this separation is the personalization. This personalization will get back to the company as more revenue.  In order to specify the right customers for a successful ABM strategy, you can make your analyses with the help of SAP Marketing Cloud apps such as Segmentation, Leads and Accounts and so on.

Account based Marketing

ABM with SAP Marketing Cloud

In a nutshell, we can specify the functions which are provided by the SAP Marketing Cloud and can be used for B2B marketing:    

·       Spotlighting Accounts for a holistic view on B2B leads, interactions and pipeline details. Accounts for ABM strategies can be marked as relevant.  

·       Content Studio creates specific content from scratch to use in B2B campaigns.  

·       The option Lead Stages provides the possibility to categorize leads’ levels.  

·       Lead Nurture gives you the chance to identify, classify, and nurture contacts.  

·       Contact-to Account Profile helps you to create new segments regarding the relationship between account and contacts.  

·       Analytics and Report Gallery analyzes B2B accounts, lead quality, campaign success and so on.  

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Written by Dogan Denizci