SAP Commerce and Marketing Cloud Hofmanns with codeitlabs

SAP Commerce and Marketing Cloud for HOFMANNs

Together with and for Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH we laid the foundation for commerce and marketing growth. So, HOFMANNs B2B and B2C processes were unified in one single SAP Commerce Platform. The web solution is thus a SAP B2B2C platform for company catering. It enables B2B customers of Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH to set up their canteens to operate fully for their end customers.

HOFMANNs SAP Commerce and Marketing migration to the Cloud is based on SAP Commerce and Marketing and shows how successful customer digitization can be. It has been possible to migrate the platform to the SAP cloud within just 4 months.

The ambitious and successful implementation was possible due to our experience with SAP Cloud projects. Moreover, our close, partnership cooperation with Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH led to this result. It also marks an important milestone for the further growth of our partner. On the way that all table guests of the more than 11,000 customers use this online channel. Furthermore, the end customers can interact with the canteens through menu wishes, reviews or other ways.


Not only HOFMANNs end customers have their benefits. Also the canteens can now check and plan their customer inventory, behaviour and habits of the actual consumers. A foundation for further digital transformation in manufacturing processes and the value chain. To sum it up, we have built an SAP Customer Experience centric landscape for further development.

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Written by David Scheffel