Lead to Cash

The most important goal of companies -after making or increasing profit -is to gain new customers. For this very reason, the management of potential customers becomes at least as important as that of existing customers. In the digital world we live in, companies want to manage their customers correctly and use new process advantages and smart applications. At this point, SAP CX products offer a perfect experience to companies and their customers or business clients.

We can actually call the Lead to Cash process a „from Start to Finish“ approach. From reaching out to potential customers to gaining the revenue, companies can make their customers feel special and valued.

Here, with the help of the interconnected sub-processes, you will have a better understanding about how this end-to-end process takes shape for both your B2B and B2C customers as below.

Communication with the Potential Customers (Contact)

You may have your own list for your potential customers and wish to reach and gain them as your real customers. The SAP Marketing Cloud Campaign Management makes it able to communicate with customers through different channels like E-Mails and text messages.

It’s also possible to create new contents in your campaigns. For those who are interested in your company, you can offer the chance to register and subscribe to your newsletters by landing pages in the SAP Marketing Cloud.

Creation and Conversion of Leads (Lead to Opportunity)

Observing the reactions of your customers, you can create your leads and then target new customers for your special offers. Your leads can be categorized in lead levels until they become opportunities. Here again, SAP Marketing Cloud provides you with the Lead Stages function. It displays the count of the customers for each level and makes it possible to create new target groups for future strategies.

The standard integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud builds a bridge between sales representatives and marketing experts. The transfer of leads to the Sales Cloud makes it easy for the sales representatives to convert the leads to the opportunities.

Special Quotes (Quotations) before Order

In this process step, it’s important to give customers what they need. Until here, it was all about having an interest on the customer. At this level, this customer interest turns into cash.

Another great link between the SAP Sales Cloud and the SAP Commerce Cloud is here. The sales person who was assigned to opportunities, can guide a customer to visit the Web Shop on the Commerce Cloud, for the customer to get new quotes. After that, quotes are ready to convert to orders by customer actions.

Completion of the Orders

The Customer accepts the quote which was presented in the storefront in the SAP Commerce Cloud. The quote becomes a sales order now.

These orders which have been created in the SAP Commerce Cloud can be transferred to the SAP Marketing Cloud and can be used in recommendations, offers and also in reports with the results of the analysis.

Order to Cash

This is the last step of the “Lead to Cash” journey.

The fulfilled orders are ready to be processed for the actions like invoice generation in the different systems for the final completion of this process.

It should be noted that the SAP Marketing Cloud plays a critical role in this process, especially for the communication with potential customers, storage of the conversion data between the interaction points, and post-process analysis. All parts of the Lead to Cash process can be a part of the SAP Marketing Cloud analysis. It collects the data, then enriches the data and the value of the customer for the future strategies and campaigns. All you need to do is integrating CX products and watching your customers’ satisfaction.

If you want to have this amazing experience for both your B2B and B2C customers, we, as codeitlabs, would like to share our experiences with you. Please contact us to know more: contact@codeitlabs.com

Written by Dogan Denizci